Jun 262012
Scruffy Goes to Stay with Huntyr

We got our first photos from Scruffy’s adventures with his new pals, you, our customers! This is Huntyr and Scruffy…um….errrr…Scruffy’s cousin, Ryko the Rat. They had a grand adventure that included being nommed, fishing and a game of hide-and-seek. Check out their entire adventure over on Huntyr’s website, Huntyr.com.    Be sure to see their […]

Apr 282012
Scruffy Goes to a Greenhouse

Scruffy here. This weekend we went to Lancaster County, PA to check out a couple of greenhouses and buy some flowers. Lancaster County has a lot of beautiful farms in it. I liked playing hide and seek in the elephant ears. As Hepburn once said…”The calla lilies are in bloom again.” These are sunny little flowers. They made […]